The 10 Best Caribbean Islands for Families

by Samantha Ballenger
Grand Cayman 7 mile beach

1. Anguilla

Island of Anguilla

If you want to avoid hoards of tourists and relax on multiple beaches (there are 33 of them…that’s right, 33 beaches), Anguilla is one of the best Caribbean islands for families. Located in the eastern Caribbean sea, just 6 miles away from St. Martin/St. Marteen, Anguilla also has some of the best weather in the Caribbean. Enjoy the local culture, snorkel, sail, or relax. >> Learn More

2. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman 7 mile beach

Known as one of the safest places to travel globally, Grand Cayman is of the best Caribbean islands for families. Perfect for families that want to enjoy a tropical paradise with all of the amenities of a big city. Relax on the powdery sand of the world-famous seven-mile beach or swim with stingrays at stingray city. Visit hundreds of starfish at starfish point or visit the turtle center to encounter giant sea turtles. >> Learn More

3. U. S. Virgin Islands

Perfect for families who want to enjoy the beach and explore, the U.S. Virgin Islands consists of three Islands, St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas. St. Thomas is known for its luxurious hotels and superyachts. In comparison, St. John is well known for its beautiful beaches and more than 7,000 acres of national parkland. While St. Croix is the place to explore the island’s colonial heritage and history of slavery at multiple forts and plantations. The U.S. Virgin Islands are the perfect place to visit if you want a mix of relaxation and adventure. Visit one island or spend a little time in all three. >> Learn More.

4. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Fort

Puerto Rico is the perfect place to fulfill wanderlust for any family looking for beauty, sereneness, and convenience. Less than a three-hour flight from Miami and a U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to unwind. Visit the beautiful El Yunque forest and the historic El Morro fort for a family adventure. Or, visit the shorelines of Crash Boat Beach for a day in the sun or a nighttime adventure in Vieques’ bioluminescent Mosquito Bay. An Abundance of wildlife, nightlife, and history lessons make Puerto Rico one of the best Caribbean Islands for vacation. >> Learn More.

5. Bahamas

Bahama Islands

Known as the family of islands, the most challenging decision you’ll make when choosing the Bahamas for your Caribbean Island vacation is which island to visit. Comprised over 700 islands, pick a luxury resort, private residence, budget, or family-friendly resort. What makes the Bahamas one of the best Caribbean Islands for families is the vast options. Nature lovers can visit Lucayan National Park (Grand Bahama Island) or Leon Nevy Native Plant reserve (Eleuthera) or visit one of the many beaches or private islands. Try your hand at snorkeling or scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, or a tour of Pig Beach. Big fan of HGTV’s renovation island? Book a luxurious, relaxing stay at Cerula Mar Club on South Andros Island. >> Learn More.

6. Barbados

Known for its flying fish, sandy beaches, and breathtaking architecture, expect a family adventure when visiting Barbados. One of the best Caribbean Islands for families, find family-oriented resorts, outdoor experiences like Harrison’s cave, and surf lessons at Boosy’s Surf School for tweens and teens. Take a submarine ride on Atlantis Submarine or enjoy the sand at Carlisle Beach. >> Learn More.

7. Antigua

Antigua Bay Sail Boats

With 365 beaches to choose from, your family could stay in Antigua for an entire year and go to a different beach every day! While most of us aren’t able to escape on vacation for a year, Antigua is one of the best Caribbean Islands for families who want adventure and the relaxation only a beach can give—looking for some exercise? Hike to the summit of Shirley Heights and on a clear day, see the southern island of Guadeloupe and the active volcano Montserrat. >>Learn More.

8. St. Kitts & Nevis

One of the best Caribbean islands for families is St. Kitts & Nevis due to the weather, amenities, and activities. Get the perfect amount of relaxation and adventure. Try sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing along with historical sites like Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site on St. Kitts. Family members of all ages will enjoy riding the St. Kitts scenic railway across the island. If you are looking for more seclusion, take time to visit Nevis; with fewer tourists than St. Kitts, Nevis is like the quiet little sister you always wanted. >> Learn More.

9. Curacao

Curacao is often forgotten for more well-known islands like Aruba. With the combination of culture, beaches, and leisurely activities, Curacao is one of the best Caribbean islands for families. A picture-perfect island with Dutch Colonial architecture painted in bright pinks, yellows, and blues looks like an Old World European city dropped into the idyllic Caribbean. Curacaos beaches are the reason most families will want to visit. Picture Perfect coves and idyllic bays can be found around the island surrounded by cerulean ocean and powdery white sand. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and Queen Emma Pontoon bridge are all not to be missed. >>Learn More.

10. St. Lucia

Petit Piton and Gros Piton

St. Lucia is one of my family’s favorite Caribbean islands. What makes St. Lucia one of the best Caribbean islands for families is the sheer scale of activities. Whether you want an inclusive resort or a luxury beach vacation, a tropical hiking adventure scaling The Pitons, St. Lucia has everything you need for the best Caribbean island vacation. Visit the sulfur springs and drive through an active volcano or visit Reduit beach for its beautiful sand and unspoiled sunsets. >>Learn More.

Do you have a favorite island or one you want to visit with your family?

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