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by Samantha Ballenger
Bahama Islands

There are 195 countries in the world, we want to inspire to explore them all along with thousands of others.

I set out to inspire people through Food, Culture, and Travel. As the world gets smaller, my mission is to connect people through the love of food, drinks, and travel. Eat195 wants to inspire you to expand your ideas and live out your most exciting dreams through the Food, Customs, and beauty of countries around the world.

The world seemed impossibly big when I was a child; however, I knew I wanted to explore different cultures. The internet was in its infancy, so the world still felt too large to explore. . Meeting people from different backgrounds wasn’t an everyday occurrence. Even as a child, I knew that understanding each other meant we needed to have respect for our differences.

What if we could change the world through kindness, compassion, and appreciation? Through what we have in common and what makes us different? What if we could tear down barriers and build bridges by understanding each other. Learning about different cultures with an open heart and mind. The best way to understand each other is through Food + Culture, and Travel.

Eat195 is the place to find curated recipes from all over the world you can make at home. It’s also a place to find your dream vacation or inspiration.

I hope you will share your recipes, travel stories, and your ideas to make Eat195 a place that inspires us.


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